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“The Ledges”
It’s midsummer in the verdant prince creek formation, and the forest and rock formations are lush with vegetation. Two Alaskacephale enjoy while the good times last.
#artworks #drawing #arts #digitalpainting #paleontology #paleoart #artoftheday #digitalartwork #draw #art #arte #landscape #illustration #digitalartwork

* Trans men are men.
* Trans women are women.
* Non-binary people (enbies) are powerful beings, guarding this plane of existence from demonic forces beyond our comprehension, all in secret, without ever receiving praise.

Thank you, enbies :heart_nb:

#trans #TransMenAreMen #TransWomenAreWomen #NonBinaryIsValid #TransFediverse

A reddish egret having a bad hair day!
They are native to Central America, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico and the Gulf Coast of the United States. They were hunted for their plumage and by 1900 had almost been wiped out in North America but are now making a comeback.

Lewd scalie sketches 

Looking back through my camera roll and found a picture of a bunch of index cards I doodled on during a roadtrip back in June.

if someone is a fucking sexual abuser it doesn't really matter if they do other shit thats "good", theyre still a predator and that taints anything they do and also casts a shade of doubt on anything they say

trying to compartmentalize a bad person's actions is basically apologia

if you think i do good posts, good art, or have a good ass, you should consider throwing some money at me in appreciation

no one has to know which one it's for :blobshh:

Scalie art, hemipenes, cloaca 

I finally have both Vincent and Ishmael's hemipenes designed. The two are very much comfort characters to me and I'm looking forward to getting a few pieces of the two mating, now that I have references for them both.

Seven years ago, a fellow named "MIDI_MAN" compiled 130,000 unique MIDI files by browsing a ton of sites, placing them into directories, and generally assembling years of MIDI music.

Now that collection (1gb compressed, 3.5gb uncompressed, 130,000 files for real!) is at the Internet Archive at this URL:

@shassy generally whatever the visibility setting of the OP is is ok. if you want more privacy for a reply you can set that, but some people get weirded out if you reply to public posts with, say, a DM

@extinct Culture question: When replying to someone's post, are there any politeness factors regarding what to set post visibility to? Is using public all the time equivalent to running around with ones' metaphorical fly down, or is the openness preferred, generally speaking? Are there any visibility settings that should be avoided?

One of the first pieces of art I drew of myself last year.

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