vore (endo/safe) 

An artwork I completed last year for @shassy

Some endo shenanigans between two small dinosaurs!! #art #furry #vore


An artwork I completed last year for @shassy

I still enjoy the perspective and textures in this one...
#art #furry

@bonesbonesbones @dialupdoll I'm sure it just goes in the same mindhole they're stashing away their repressed sexuality. That never comes back to bite anyone.. oh wait.

A little down, self-meta? 

@Bwee You mean it every time, and it shows. 💚

from the linguistic silliness tgat brought us trash panda, and danger noodle:

@bonesbonesbones Apparently there's some registry BS you have to do, including messing with permissions.

Windows 7 was the last "real" Windows....


Having fun in Blender modelling one of my hemipenes.

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