I got the most awesome and thoughtful gift from my parents this year!

It's so perfect. 💚

Have a fantastic end of the year, everyone!

My new phone case. I took one look at the design on redbubble and said "THIS is my new phone case. It's so... me."

Lewd scalie sketches 

Looking back through my camera roll and found a picture of a bunch of index cards I doodled on during a roadtrip back in June.

Scalie art, hemipenes, cloaca 

I finally have both Vincent and Ishmael's hemipenes designed. The two are very much comfort characters to me and I'm looking forward to getting a few pieces of the two mating, now that I have references for them both.

One of the first pieces of art I drew of myself last year.

furry jokes, brands, ancient memes 

Refreshing. (Shassy head painting by Len.)

Scalie porn, paw stuff, hemipenes 

Finished a fun little threesome rough sketch. Me having some fun with my friends Toad and Xero.

Shhasum Drake

Musings by Shhasum Drake.