vore (endo/safe) 

An artwork I completed last year for @shassy

Some endo shenanigans between two small dinosaurs!! #art #furry #vore


An artwork I completed last year for @shassy

I still enjoy the perspective and textures in this one...
#art #furry

from the linguistic silliness tgat brought us trash panda, and danger noodle:


Having fun in Blender modelling one of my hemipenes.

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Oops, came back to my cert having expired because I forgot to add "reload nginx" to the list of tasks the automated cert renewal did. Should be all good now.

honestly, y'all :batcry: thank you so much

like i said, i don't expect the full amount to be covered. hell, i didn't even expect this much, so this is amazing. i appreciate all the support so much.

i've been sweating bullets about this since i got the paperwork in the mail and this is a massive, massive relief

💜 💜 💜

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#indigenous artist needs a lil helping hand.

i hate to do this, i hate asking for help, but my taxes on my modest little condo literally doubled since last year and now i have to pay $1134 on feb 1 and then again on may 1

income has been unstable the last year, for obvious reasons, and that's a large chunk of change on top of the ridiculous cost of food lately. i'm the sole earner supporting my little family of 3 on full-time art business.

if you are willing and/or able, i'm open to a little bit of help. i'm not expecting the full amount to get covered, but chipping away at it takes pressure off of me and my fragile financial situation

if you donate, @ me or leave a message on my ko-fi with an animal you'd like me to doodle

:kofi: ko-fi.com/extinctinks

i also have cashapp: $extinctinks

my ko-fi also has recurring support memberships with perks, and digital assets for purchase, if those are more interesting or enticing for you

i'm also open for commissions, as always, if you'd prefer to get something bigger and more personalized for your money


anything helps, and i appreciate all support, even boosts!


So many tropes and bad situations could be avoided if people would just communicate with each other kindly and without judgement (in less extreme cases where judgement isn't warranted). If you open up, be honest and be forthright in social situations, usually it will work out for the better.

Hey #trans peeps!

You're adorable. You're amazing. Don't let the weight of the world get you down. You're here, you're beautiful, and the world is a better place with you in it.

You ROCK. 💙💙🤟

Some reminders that everyone needs once in awhile:

* Breathe deeply.

* Stretch.

* You are *so* loved.

* Wiggle your toes.

* Hydrate as best you can.

* You are worthy of the love others feel for you.

* Clean your glasses if you wear them.

* Cuddle a pet, loved one, or a plushie whenever you have a chance!

* You are beautiful. If you have dysphoria, your inner self has the beauty you feel you lack. It shines outward.

* I love you and will always provide a hug if you need!! 💙

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Tis the season for spending time with good friends, wrapped all snug in a nice, warm tail... Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, apto peeps! 🎄

Feat. @KaitheMander, @Caudlewag, @ammyfatxolotl, @ChibiAbsol, @SpottieP, @MellowCreamer, & @whskydoops! 💕


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