Skiff's goofy mating dance has won himself a mate, just not the one he was expecting. Pirogue is more than impressed with him, and he'll be taking him back to his den for sure.

Rough Sketch for @shassy

#furryart #ammysart #aptophilia

eye contact ? 

A handsome rooster-conure-etc. hybrid looks down at you with a glint in his eye.

Commission, once again, for @shassy !! Thanks!!!!

#furryart #avian #furry #kmcart

snake vore 

Encumbered. Flat color commission for a client on Discord.

#vore #furryart #ammysart

On the road to Furry Migration, which will be my first furry convention experience.

Kobolds deserve all the love and pampering.

One of my favorite kobold dragon pairing dynamics is a kind dragon pampering and doting over all their kobolds.

#kobold #dragon

Going live in 3 hours with one of the most preposterous fan games I've ever had the pleasance of peeping.

I'd love if you'd join me on this crazy journey. Gonna be needing all the help I can to defeat Sin Man... yes that's the main antagonist.

#twitchstreaming #stream #fanart #fangame #indie #indiegame #mario #smb #gaming #games #game

nsfw, oviposition 

Something I have been working on for a while for @shassy

SUPER pleased with it!

Sneaky derg finds a snoozy horny bug :3c

#yiff #furryart #oviposition

vore, nsfw 

Happy vore day my hungry friends! 💦

Got a few different things for you ranging from 20-60 GBP see image for details or message me here or telegram (xarvaxx)

#voreday #voreart


Too excited about this comic page for @shassy to not share a little sneak peak ✨

feral NSFW, cum, hemipenes, eye contact 

The NSFW versions of the commission I finished for @shassy !!!

Wyvern Sergio watches you from above in the jungle canopy. What is he thinking...? Oh, he is horny.

#art #nsfw #furry #scalie #dragon #kmcart

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eye contact, feral 

A commission I finished for @shassy !!!

Wyvern Sergio watches you from above in the jungle canopy. What is he thinking...?

#art #furry #scalie #dragon #kmcart

once again, the tax man cometh to squeeze blood from a stone (me) :negative:

i'm a poor working artist who's been through an incredibly exhausting and chaotic year, both professionally, and personally. i'm beyond burnt out and working at capacity, so dealing with hundreds of dollars out of pocket is a hefty burden.

this quarter's bill is significantly less than before, but still a large amount of money to shell out in one go

any help to bring this sum down is massively appreciated, any amount helps take some of the sting out of it 🙏

if you can't pitch in, boosting is also very valuable!$extinctinks

:boost_ok: :boost_requested:


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